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Our Land Rover DefendersDefenders

We currently have over a dozen Land Rover Defenders on site and ready to be built to your specifications.

1989 Defender 90

1989 Defender 90 Frame-off restore, new 200Tdi, LT77, R380. Converted from pickup to soft top. Arles Blue full panel off respray with Sand colored canvas soft top.

1983 110

1983 110 CSW, LHD, Early truck with Range Rover style door pulls, Series rear roof sides

1994 NAS 90 ST

1994 NAS 90 ST, #638, Coniston Green with factory undercount winch

1992 110 CSW

1992 110 CSW, RHD, 200Tdi, RHD, Red

2000 Discovery II

2000 Discovery II, 2″ lift, SD roof rack, ARB front bumper

1986 127 Double Cab

1986 127 double cab, 200Tdi, RHD, Limestone with white roof

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Moore Expo Day 1

“Overlanding is all about the journey,” said Chris Holloway, Moore Expo founder and owner. “It’s getting outdoors with friends and family.” After day one of the 2021 Moore Expo, Team Brit Bilt met new friends that felt like family and began discussing the journeys ahead for everyone chasing overland experiences and dreams.

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